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Welcome to Royez Education. Established in 2004, we are a leading provider of education recruitment services in the UK.

Achieving the ‘outstanding’ is a shared objective amongst education organisations. At Royez Education our goal is simple – to help clients deliver high performance by finding the stand out talent in the marketplace, quickly and efficiently.

Inspire: Ignite a Passion for Learning

Ignite the spark of curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for learning through our transformative educational programs.

Empower: Unlocking Potential, Building Confidence

Unlock the full potential within each student, fostering confidence and empowerment through our dedicated educational approach.

Build Community

Building a strong and supportive community, where collaboration, connection, and growth flourish, shaping the educational journey for all.

Our Approach

Having developed a wealth of experience in the sector, we believe one size does not fit all, and that each client is different and unique, so we adopt a tailored approach to ensure your individual needs are fully considered.

You will be offered a dedicated Client Relationship Manager (CRM) who will meet with you face to face to discuss your requirements and to gain insight into the specific role and the culture of your organisation.

We understand the importance of sector specific knowledge and that is why all our consultants work in specialist teams with focused areas of expertise.

Our Compliance Team continually monitor and respond to industry and legislation changes, allowing us to adapt our services to always ensure maximum protection for our clients.


As education recruitment professionals we take vetting and safeguarding very seriously. It needs to be done right and we have developed robust processes and procedures to ensure it is, each and every time.

Our Services

We offer supply, temporary and permanent staffing solutions nationwide, covering a broad spectrum of the education sector; primary, secondary, further education and commercial training. We offer an array of experienced and screened candidates and cover the following disciplines;


  • EYFS (Nursery and Reception)
  • KS1 (Year 1 and 2)
  • KS2 (Year 3 – 6)
  • SEN and Support
  • SLT


  • Years 7 – 13
  • School age 11 – 18
  • Support roles
  • Teaching positions
  • Senior and leadership appointments

Further Education & Commercial Training

  • Lecturer, assessor and verifier roles
  • All academic subject areas
  • All vocational subject areas
  • Senior appointments

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