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Royez Education

Royez Education is working with schools and local authorities to provide tuition sessions for the most vulnerable pupils across the country.

Inspire: Ignite a Passion for Learning

Ignite the spark of curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for learning through our transformative educational programs.

Empower: Unlocking Potential, Building Confidence

Unlock the full potential within each student, fostering confidence and empowerment through our dedicated educational approach.

Build Community

Building a strong and supportive community, where collaboration, connection, and growth flourish, shaping the educational journey for all.

Help the pupils who need it the most

​Protocol Education trains and supports tutors to deliver high-impact tuition programmes in schools and for local authorities across the country to the pupils who need the most help. Our tutors work with small groups or individuals to help close the attainment gaps caused by the pandemic.

Why Register as a Tutor?

Full training

Royez Education’s partner company Best Practice Network has developed the CPD Certified Tutor Toolkit. Providing interactive and engaging content to illustrate important and complex concepts. This course provides a real insight into the role of the tutor. Alongside a range of practical tools to help you plan, deliver and assess high-impact tuition sessions.


Flexible Work

Tuition is excellent for people looking for flexible work within education. You choose the days and times you are available, and we find the tuition sessions that fit you. And with some online and out-of-school tuition work available, you can tailor your work life to your needs.

Supplement Your Income

Our hourly rates for tutors are highly competitive and paid weekly. Tuition work can be combined with other work in education to help maximize your earnings through the week.

Career enhancing opportunities

The skills and knowledge you gain from the training and the practical experience of the sessions will open-up new career opportunities and enhance your CV.

Important work available across the country

Tuition gives you a chance to utilize your skills to help the children and young people who need it the most. Our local branch network is ready to help match your experience and skill set to pupils who will benefit the most from your expertise.


Why Register as a Tutor?


​What is required to become a tutor with Royez Education?

To become an tutor you need to complete four steps.

Step 1: The Tutor Toolkit Training

This free essential tutoring training is tailored to the skills you will need, is easy to follow, and is fully certified.

Step 2: Level 2 Safeguarding

Have you completed level 2 safeguarding and prevent duty training within the last 12 months? You can upload your certificate or just complete our free online training course.

Step 3: The Technology

The platforms utilised (Bramble, EdPlace, and LEAP) are going to help you assess needs, deliver tuition and monitor the progress of your pupils. You need to be familiar with each of them. 

Step 4: Roles & Responsibilities

We all have our roles to play in making tuition a success. Roles & Responsibilities is a document outlining what is expected of you, the school, and Royez Education.

Brief vetting requirements such as DBS, references, and career history are also part of the tutor registration process.  

Registering as a tutor will give you access to all the training materials, Safeguarding course, pay rate information, and more.


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