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Unleash your passion for education and shape the minds of tomorrow as a valued teacher in our transformative learning community.

Step 1

Enroll The Form & Confirm The Subject

Step 2

Waiting For Our Preliminary Review

Step 3

Submit Your Resume & Teacher Certificate

Step 4

Start To Write Your Courses and Sell

Please tell us more about your major and experience.

Share your academic journey and teaching expertise with us – we’re eager to learn about your major and experience!

Each year, Royez Education helps thousands of teachers and teaching assistants right across the country to find the exact type of work that they are looking for.

Register with RoyezEducation for:

  • Daily, long-term and permanent jobs in schools

  • The full range of jobs including SEND and tuition

  • Great daily rates and the opportunity to get guaranteed work and pay

  • Support for your career through free CPD and resources

  • Help and advice from your consultant and our Teacher Services community

  • The peace of mind of working with a reputable and established company

Who We Recruit

  • Primary, Secondary and Special Needs Teachers

  • Nursery Nurses and Nursery Support

  • Teaching & Learning Assistants

  • SEND Support Specialists

  • Tutors & Intervention Specialists

Each of our local branches have specialist consultants for your particular type of work.

Moving to the UK?

We help you relocate from Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland and find the teaching work that suits you in England. 

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